Ghost Mannequin/Neck joint

When it comes to fashion and photography – appearances are everything. Presenting crisp, high-quality images that are free from distractions helps to make a major impact on your audience. Offshore Clipping Path partners with a wide variety of clientele and offers ghost mannequin services and other photo editing services that help make their products more visible & precise.

Traditionally, most people search for apparel in-store. However, today’s markets are changing. This trend is in great part thanks to the power and availability of the Internet. Customers are finding new ways to shop, and retailers are adapting by placing more of their focus online.

While shopping online and from catalogs, etc., shoppers entrust the company to present the products accurately. The customer cannot physically touch the product or try it on while shopping online – so it’s up to retailers to present their products as best as they can.

Naturally, online retailers are emphasizing the appearance of their websites and their product catalogs to generate sales and increase their bottom line. This requires a major focus on the quality of the product photography they are displaying. Clothing retailers should pay particular attention to how they are displaying their apparel.

What are Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Services?

A ghost mannequin effect is one of the best methods of presenting apparel in catalogs, websites, and marketing materials. The effect combines multiple images of a piece of apparel laying on a mannequin while removing the actual mannequin itself. So, The end result is an image that allows the audience to see how the apparel actually fits on a life-like figure. Utilizing the invisible mannequin effect, we are able to shift the focus away from the mannequin and place it solely on the product. At the same time, this eliminates the need to hire a model to wear the item – effectively cutting operating costs. The end result is that customers shopping for products online gain a realistic sense of how the clothing fits and rests on a person.

The Need for the Ghost Mannequin Effect

These effects become one of the most valuable tools in any online apparel retailer or photographer’s arsenal. When it comes to online shopping, you have two tools to work with to present a product. There’s a product description detailing the materials of the cloth, and then you have images of the product. In fashion, photography, and apparel – there’s a much greater emphasis on the look of the product. Your customers want to know that they will like how the product looks on them. Also, by presenting them with quality photographs that display the image well – you’re more likely to reduce the number of returns you will have to process. Ghost mannequin photography helps in this area immensely. Let’s consider what the effect accomplishes for both the retailer and the customer:
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